– born in Slovakia

– lives and works in Carrara, Italy
– studied:
figure sculpture – Academy of Fine arts in Prague, Czech Republic
sculpture – Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, Italy
– had exhibitions in Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Swtizerland, Italy, Hungary, and many more will come…


The biggest passion I have ever found in my life is marble sculpture. It´s a
way to express myself, my emotions and all my inner world. It´s a culmination of
everything I have lived until now, of all the searching, travelling,
discovering, running from, escaping, desiring, feeling, crying, laughing,
seeking after happiness … It´s a way to find my inner peace and live my personal freedom.



this is the place i fell in love with
is it possible to love a piece of stone
the mountains it comes from
the freedom it gives
the spirit it hides
the rude conditions of life as a proof of your resistance
to love the way of life it offers
to love life?