The sculpture “Equilibrium” is a symbol of a personal mental balance.  

As for few a little too sensitive persons it may seem almost impossible to reach a balanced  mind and life, it is totally possible to find it and live in harmony with ourselves and the world.  Holding in hands a small ball balancing on a string is a question of concentration,  consciousness, and stability of some physical conditions. It’s that simple. There are few  physical laws, such as a gravity and energy fields, which in a certain balance make the ball  hold firmly in its place, holding just on a tiny string.  Finding mental balance functions on the same principles.  There are no unpredictable storms which could cause our sould to drown. We have all the  abilities to keep our mind in control and balance. Respecting few physical laws which affect  our behaviour, the same which keep the ball in balance on the string.  

Let’s say that I compare the balanced play of the ball and string to an inner mental balance.  The holding hands that affect the result of stability of the ball on the string, are compared to  the mind that affects the result of our interior stability and balance.