Veronika Bianchi Sculpture: Beyond Carrara Marble

Discover the extraordinary world of Veronika Bianchi sculpture, where her artistic prowess extends beyond Carrara marble. Moreover, delve into the captivating process of stone carving. This begins with the crucial stage of clay modeling sculptures. With utmost precision, Veronika meticulously sculpts portraits and figures in clay. Afterwards, she´s skillfully preparing them for the subsequent plaster molding.

These plaster molds serve as the foundation for her stone carving endeavors.  Throughout her illustrious career, Veronika has ventured into a multitude of stone types. These include sandstones, Austrian Wachau, and Swiss Laas marbles, as well as Italian Palissandro and Spanish Aragon alabaster.

Furthermore, while granite becomes her exclusive focus for smaller projects like floral reliefs adorning tombstones, she passionately explores the endless possibilities of each unique material. Hence, we invite you to immerse yourself in Veronika’s captivating picture gallery. This gallery showcases her sculptures brought to life in these diverse mediums.

Witness the artistic vision and mastery as Veronika Bianchi transcends the boundaries of Carrara marble. Additionally, she unveils the astonishing beauty of sculptures crafted from other materials. Therefore, if you are curious about the molding process of a clay sculpture, we encourage you to watch this video.

Moreover, to experience the awe-inspiring presence of these sculptures in person, join us at Moser Company in Germany.